Established in 2002, Leadinway is a highly regarded marketing/sales/service provider to the Semiconductor, Electrical, Speciality Chemical, and Alternative Energy industries in Taiwan, China, and Southeast Asia.
The LeadinWay sales and marketing team is accomplished and knowledgeable.
●Good connections and communications to decision makers at all levels.
●proven track record of successful products and sales strategies.
●reputation for consistent follow up and flawless execution.
Our service team is the independent operating group from our sales organization. 
We believe this system helps us to provide our customers the optimal high quality service solution. Our goals are:
●Ever-improving Capabilities.
●Team Work.
●Technical/ Business Mutual Aid.

Leadinways service team provides our customers fully integrated support capabilities including equipment maintenance, 
technical/process assistance, and training. We continually strive to enhance our teams capabilities through the following:
●Regularly attending technological seminars and presentations to stay current with the latest technology and industry trends.
●All team members are required to take part in related industries courses and seminars sponsored by government or private research institutes in Taiwan and China.
●Support overseas training at our principles factories. 


Company Name:LeadinWay Co., Ltd.
Head Office: Jubei City, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Established Date: April 1st, 2002

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