Ink Jet100
Hisense Jet-100 inkjet nanosilver ink is mainly nanoparticles dispersed in continuous solvent phase. With excellent conductivity at low sintering temperature, Jet-100 can be printed on a variety of ubstrates such as paper, silicon, PI, PET and so on.


Product Feature

&bullThe size of nanosilver particles in Hisense Jet-100 ink is less than 10nm with homogeneous distribution. Hardly cause any clogging in
the print head.

&bullHigh conductivity can be obtained with sintering temperature between 70 to 150°C for less than 30min.


Key Properties

Solid Content 10-70%
Product Application Drop-On-Demand Inkjet
Particle Size  3-10nm
Viscosity* 3-20cps(Adjustable)
Surface Tension 25-30dyne/cm
Sintering Temperature 70-150°C
Resistivity 2.5µ&Omega&bullcm
Solvent Organic
Substrate PET, PI, Paper, Silicon, etc.

Conductivity Data


Plot resistivity as a function of sintering temperature   (30min)

Product Application

Hisense Jet-100 inkjet nanosilver conductive ink can be applied to many fields such as RFID、PCB/FPCB、OLED/LCD/PDP、EMI electromagnetic shielding and single/poly crystalline silicon solar cell, etc.

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