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XRF Coating Thickness Gauge
FT-110A Fluorescent X-ray (XRF) Coating Thickness Gauge
New auto focus function allows the sample optical image can be focused within few seconds automatically. Thus the onerous manual adjustment is not required resulting in the dramatic improved throughput

FT9300 Fluorescent X-ray Coating Thickness Gauge

The small high-powered X-ray tube installed in the FT9300 enables measurements with high accuracy. The combination of the micro-collimator and the zoom type optical system enables measurement of submicroscopic areas of samples. This thickness gauge is also compliant with measurement of samples with irregular surface.

FT9400 Fluorescent X-ray Coating Thickness Gauge
FT9400 is a high performance thickness gauge that features a 75W high powered X-ray tube and a dual detector (semiconductor detector and proportional counter) and responds to all plate thickness measurement needs, including thin film, alloy film and submicroscopic measurements. In addition, FT9400 can be used for qualitative analysis of extraneous substances and elemental analysis, as well as coating thickness measurement.

FT9500 Fluorescent X-ray Coating Thickness Gauge
Advanced x-ray microfocus technology has achieved high brilliance beam with an actual beam size of less than 0.1mm in diameter. Consequently, SFT9500 Series is capable of measurements of micro spots and thin film applications, such as lead frames, connectors, and flexible PCBs, that are difficult to measure with conventional models due to in sufficient fluorescent X-ray intensity from measurement samples.

High Performance Fluorescent X-ray (XRF) Coating Thickness Gauge FT150 Series
The FT150 is a high-end fluorescent X-ray coating thickness gauge equipped with the polycapillary X-ray focusing optics and Vortex&trade silicon drift detector. The improved X-ray detection efficiency enables high throughput and high precision measurement. Furthermore, new design to secure wide space around sample position gives exellent operability.
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