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Foup & Mask N2 Purge system
  FOUP & Mask Pod Purge System
  For FOUP Purge System: N2:
1. Stand Alone (MK-2)
Standalone unit. Compatible with OGV, PGV and OHVs. Can be fully integrated to Fab Communications.
2. Zero Foot Print Storage
Same dimensions as current system
ull functionality as S.A / integrated                      
3. Stocker Integration System
Integrate the MK2 stand alone capabilities into the existing or new Fab&rsquos stockers.
  Mask Storage Pod/SMIF N2/ xCDA Purge System
1. Stocker (Rack) Integration System
Stocker (Rack) Integration System:
● N2 or XCDA With Safety system ( for N2)
● Minimum capacity lost
● Process monitoring RH, Pressure, O2
● Contamination control Ammonium Sulfate filter Particles
● Pellicle protection Low flow
● Communication
  Stand Alone Type:
  Smart Shelf
  Ricors " Smart Shelf"  purging solution has a Sophisticated purge control system. Constant pressure in all FOUPS regardless the numbers of purging FOUPS.  Fully Automatic operation of purging after FOUP placement.
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