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  The Vega® laser shock reticle cleaning system provides yield enhancement by removing surface particles without the negative effects observed with traditional wet chemistry. This innovative system uses a high velocity shockwave to dislodge particles from the photomask surface. As the VEGA® system does not use any chemicals, there is no surface roughing or etching, no water absorption, no chemical reaction and no chemical modification as seen with wet cleaning techniques.
  ● Lower chemical consumption and disposal costs as well as to improve cleaning efficiency
● Prevention of metal attack and corrosion when cleaning
● Minimizes change to transmissivity of the chrome stack, exposed quartz, phase shift of molybdenum silicide surfaces for EUV Masks.
● Eliminates particle redeposition from traditional cleaning techniques
● Laser shockwave is tunable for sensitive structures where chemicals and/or megasonic energy cannot be applied.
● Spot cleaning capabilities increases throughput
● Shorter process times
  ● Single reticle cleaning process
● Submicron particle removal without the use of chemicals
● Damage free non contact laser cleaning
● Fully automated SMIF Load/Unload
● Intuitive operator interface with user defined recipes
● Defect map importing
● Spot, line, and full reticle cleaning.
● Edge-grip photomask handling
● SEMI S2/S8 compliant
  ● Defect removal (Photomasks and EUVL Photomasks)
● Post repair cleaning
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