Name   Hybrid FIB-SEM System
Type   XVision200
Overview   FIB-SEM hybrid system equipped with Hitachi High-Tech Sciences latest FIB column and high performance FE-SEM, and FIB-SEM-Ar Triple Beam system equipped withultra low kV Ar column which can handle the small sample to 200mm waferdeliver such as high quality TEM sample preparation, Cut & See realtime high resolution observation and 3D analysis, and EDS analysis.
Features   1. Sample size from small piece up to &Phi200mm wafer
Sample size from small piece up to &Phi200mm wafer

2. World leading SEM realtime monitoring performance
High performance FE-SEM realtime monitoring performance of obseving the FIB processed cross-section is the highest level in the world.

3. XVison series is equipped with three detectors
● In-lense SE detector: for low energy SE
● EsB (Energy ive Backscattered detector): for ively detects high energy electrons.
● E-T detector: for obtaining the 3D SE image as it is located offset in the chamber.
4. Variety of coordinate linkage function (optional)
Unique Hitachi High-Tech Sciences coordinate linkage function
● Linkage of OM and SIM image
Double Cursor function (Japan Patent No.4634134, US Patent No. 7595488)
● Linkage of Defect inspection and coordinate
● Linkage with partial wafer as well as full wafer coordinate Linkage with CAD navigation system
5. Multi-Gas Injection System (MGS II) (Optional)
Variety of gasses can be injected such as for passivation, wiring, insulator, and enhanced etching etc.
● Carbon deposition gas
● Tungsten deposition gas
● Platinum deposition gas
● Insulator deposition gas
● XeF2 etching gas
● Organic ething gas
6. Vacuum Transfer function (Optional)
Sample on the Vacuum Transfer System in the glove box can be transfered to the XVision200 without breaking vacuum. The processed sample in the XVision can be returned to the glove box without breaking vacuum.

XVision 200DB XVision 200TB Xvision 200DBS Xvision 200TBS
Sample size   Maximum 200mm silicon wafer (JEIDA standard wafer)
Sample stage   5-axis motorized eucentric tilting stage
Focused Ion Beam (FIB)
Acceleration Voltage  
1~30kV(5kV step) 0.5~30kV
0.5~1.0kV (0.1kV step)
Secondary Electron Observation Resolution  
4nm@30kV 4nm@30kV
Maximum Current Density   30A/c2
Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
Acceleration Voltage   1~30kV
Maximum Beam Current   3nm@5kV
Argon Ion Beam
Acceleration Voltage  
- 0.5~1kV - 0.5~1kV
Sample Handling Options 
Maximum Beam Current  
FOUP loader Holder loader FOUP loader Holder loader
Standard Options
● 4ch Multi-Gas Supply System (MGS)/ Low Expansion Holder/ Micro Probing System etc
● Continuous Auto-pilot Software/ TEM Sample Auto finishing software/ Cut&See Pro software etc
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