Name   Hybrid FIB-SEM System
Type   XVision300
Overview   Based on the high performance automation platform of Hitachi High-Tech Science´s SMI3000 series, this new product is equipped with the Hitachi High-Tech Sciences latest FIB column and high performance FE-SEM, achieving highly precise processing with less damage compared with conventional models, and 3nm SEM resolution.
Features   1. High Quality TEM Lamella Preparation
Combination of low acceleration voltage FIB and Ar ion beam enables high quality TEM lamella preparation.
2. Real-time Monitoring
Real-time image monitoring at high magnification during Ga ion beam processing is possible with SEM.
3. High Throughput
High throughput cross-sectioning and TEM lamella preparation with high current FIB is possible.
4. Continuous TEM Lamella Auto-finishing Software
"Continuous A-TEM" a continuous TEM lammela finishing software is installed, enabling automatic creation of TEM lamella.
5. Lineup
4 systems in lineup: by its column type (Double Beam or Triple Beam) and transfer system. (Holder or FOUP)
XVision300   XVision 300 DB/H XVision 300 DB/F Xvision 300 TB/H Xvision 300 TB/F
Sample size   Maximum 300mm silicon wafer (JEIDA standard wafer) 
Sample stage   5-axis motorized eucentric tilting stage
Focused Ion Beam (FIB)
Acceleration Voltage   1~30kV(5kV step)
Secondary Electron Observation Resolution   4nm@30kV
Maximum Current Density   30A/c2
Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
Acceleration Voltage   1~30kV
Maximum Beam Current   3nm@5kV
Argon Ion Beam
Acceleration Voltage   - - 0.5~1kV 0.5~1kV
Maximum Beam Current   - - 10nA(@1kV) 10nA(@1kV)
Sample Handling Options 
Maximum Beam Current   FOUP loader Holder loader FOUP loader Holder loader
Standard Options
● Micro Probing System 
● 4ch Multi-Gas Supply System
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