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NanoFiber Electrospining Equipment

As INOVENSO LTD, manufacturing of nanofiber production equipments is the beginning of our business activities. In particular, lack of standard devices stands out via academic studies on electrospinning method in our country and all around in the world. From this point, our company beginning with producing single needle and multi-needle electrospinning devices reached in many university laboratories in very short time. Laboratory Scale Electrospinning Devices is demanded worldwide and  limited enterprises in the world that meet these needs raises serious export potential. Our company has aimed to transform this potential opportunity with serving worldwide and increasing export volume since it is founded.

Under structure of our company, Systems, layouts, mechanisms etc. solutions required for laboratories of universities are presented by designing special products with the experience gained in the production of Industrial and Laboratory Scale Electrospinning Systems. Enhancing functionality and quality methods have been improved for manufacturing everyday with innovative solutions.

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PilotLine Electrospinning Machine for Industrial Nanofiber Production -Inovenso
2.NanoSpinner Pilot Line Pilot Scale Electrospinning Machine - Substrate Out Mechanism
3.CoAxial Electrospinning Nozzle for Nanofiber Production
4.Nanospinner24 Touch Multinozzle Electrospinning Machine
5.Electrospinning Nanofibres using a Single Nozzle via Inovenso

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