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SASIC Electroscrub Chemicals
  SASIC Corporation is a chemical company producing unique solutions intended for the advanced IC industry. SASICs products are not a mere variation on existing products, but are entirely new solutions for problems facing the semiconductor industry. There are no analogues to SASICs products in the marketplace. SASIC does not have a broad line of products, but only has products to address the most pressing problems that the semiconductor industry is facing and for which no other product offers a solution.

SASIC addresses among others, such challenging processing steps as the bottom contact hole etch and clean, an improved particle removal process without aggressive mechanical forces, edge bead removal that not only removes the edge bead photoresist, but also cleans the edge from particles and photoresist stripping for the mask industry.

At SASIC, our quality control department inspects all shipments while making sure all chemicals are delivered in safe and particle free containers through our packaging department. All shipped solutions are particle filtered before bottling in high-density polypropylene or polyethylene containers.
  ● Offer enabling technology to help our semiconductor customers achieve high yields and reduce defectivity
● Provide unique and innovative products
● Target those steps for which no conventional products offer a good solution
● Be complementary to the existing chemical offerings from other companies
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