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AntonPaar Tritec SA (CSM) Instruments is a spin-off of the Swiss Centre for Electronics and Micro Technology (CSEM). Our instruments were initially marketed under the name of CSEM Instruments until we became completely independent and established under the company name of CSM Instruments. The Headquarters is based in Peseux, Switzerland, where all our instruments are Swiss made and rigorously tested to provide the highest quality. Our 30 years of experience and knowledge in manufacturing material characterization equipment has given the opportunity to our team of experts to design high quality measurement instruments for the global market.

Anton Paar GmbH has acquired CSM Instruments SA on November 15, 2013. The transaction is another representation of the long-term growth strategy of the Austrian analytical instrumentation group. Immediately after the deal closing, the integration process started, during which CSM Instruments SA operated under the name "CSM Instruments SA- A Company of Anton Paar."

As of March 27, 2014, CSM Instruments SA has become Anton Paar TriTec SA, reflecting the successful integration into Anton Paar. Anton Paar TriTec SA remains completely focused on manufacturing of instrumentation for Surface Mechanical Properties including Indentation Testing, Scratch Testing, Tribometry and Coating Thickness Measurements.


Anton Parr TriTec SA (CSM) Instruments provides equipment that allow the mechanical characterization of a wide range of surfaces and bulk materials. Adhesion of paints, optical thin films or hard coatings can be defined using one of our Scratch Testers. These span the nano to the macro range to analyze the widest range of materials. Dynamic testing measurements can be performed to define not only the hardness of the material, but also to evaluate the plastic and elastic deformation, the elasticity module, creep and much more. For wear testing we offer the Tribometer, based on the pin-on-disc principle that operates both in the Micro and Nano regime to record the frictional coefficient and measure the wear volume. Other equipment measures film thickness. Additionally, CSM provides three dimensional viewing capabilities of sample surfaces under most testing regimes.


Anton Paar TriTec SA (CSM) Instruments develops, manufactures and sells instruments to characterize mechanical properties of surfaces. We have been the world leader in this market for more than 30 years

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