Name :   Fluorescent X-ray Coating Thickness Gauge
Type:   FT9455
Overview:   FT9455, the top model of the SFT9000 series, is a high performance thickness gauge that features a 75W high powered X-ray tube and a dual detector (semiconductor detector and proportional counter) and responds to all plate thickness measurement needs, including thin film, alloy film and submicroscopic measurements. In addition, SFT9455 can be used for qualitative analysis of extraneous substances and elemental analysis, as well as coating thickness measurement.
Features:   1. Equipped with dual detection device (semiconductor detector/proportional counter) that features high resolution of X-ray energy (liquid nitrogen not needed) and excellent counting rate, which can be employed according to application. In particular, semiconductor detector has the below features as it can differentiate elements that are near each other, such as Ni and Cu:
● Can measure Ni/Cu and Au/Ni/Cu without a secondary filter
● In the case of printed circuit boards with Br, can perform high-precision Au-coating thickness measurements without interference from Br
● Can measure extremely thin Au plate that is less than 0.01&mum

2. Thin Film FP Software can be used for a wide range of applications including alloy plating with lead-free solder and composite plating.

3. Round 15&mum collimator standard installed, effective for measuring coating thickness in microscopic areas.

4. Equipped with 75W high-powered x-ray tube.

5. Can easily observe microscopic areas, equipped with four-step zoom.

6. Large stage enables measurement of large printed circuit boards.

7. Incident lighting makes samples easier to view.

8. Collision prevention sensor makes contoured samples safe to use.

9. High-accuracy stage drive train powered by servomotor.

10. Measurement sample can be focused accurately by laser with one touch of the button.

11. Report can be easily generated from measurement data with macro software.

Elements Measured :   Atomic Numbers 22 (Ti) to 83 (Bi)
X-Ray Tube :   Tube voltage: 50kV Current: 1.5mA
Detector :   Semiconductor detector / Proportional counter
Sample Observation :   CCD Camera (with zoom)
Focus :   Laser Pointer
Filter :   Powered or (Primary: Mo, Secondary: Co)
X-ray Station :   PC, 17-inch CRT
Printer :   Inkjet Printer
Film Thickness Measurement Software :   Thin-Film FP Method, Calibration Curve Method
Composition Measurement Software :   Bulk FP Method
Measurement Functions :   Automatic Measurement, Center Search, Image Processing
Correction Functions :   Material Correction, Known Sample Correction
Qualitative Functions :   KL Marker
Statistical Analysis :   MS Excel R installed
Report Creation :   MS Word R installed
Safety Mechanisms :   Interlocking sample door Sample collision prevention mechanism Device diagnostics mechanism
Power Source :   100V 15A
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